Florida Traffic School Online

When you left your house that morning, there were probably lots of things on your to-do list, but we’d bet that getting a ticket wasn’t one of them. Now you need to mark “go to traffic school” off your list and we’d like to help.

Florida Traffic School—More Flavors Than Most

Texans and Alaskans argue about which state is bigger, but Floridians can proudly boast that no state has bigger choices for traffic school than theirs.

There are three levels of Florida traffic school:

  • A 4-hour Basic Driver Improvement (BDI) course
  • An 8-hour Intermediate Driver Improvement (IDI) course
  • A 12-hour Advanced Driver Improvement (ADI) course

Good news. For most drivers, the 4-hour BDI will get the job done.

Two Ways to Wind Up in Traffic School Florida BDI

If you receive a Florida citation, you can ask to attend traffic school or you can be told to go. Florida court’s mandate that a driver must attend BDI if they:

  • Were found at fault in an injury accident
  • Were involved in two crashes within two years
  • Were convicted of passing a school bus
  • Were convicted of running a red light
  • Were convicted of reckless driving
  • Were convicted of highway racing or of being a spectator

If your citation was one of a more garden-variety, you may request to take a traffic school course to prevent points from being added to your driving record. This will prevent your insurance rates from increasing (a substantial hidden cost) and will reduce your risk of license suspension.

A Good Choice— Florida Online Traffic School

Any of the three Florida traffic schools can be completed in a traditional classroom or online. Many busy people find that it is tough to beat the convenience of an internet course where there’s… No need to commute to a classroom The ability to work from anywhere, on any device The ability to customize the course to fit into a busy schedule

As you continue your search, you will discover that Florida has many companies that offer traffic school courses. The most important factor of your considerations needs to be whether the one you choose is Florida DHSMV approved. The court will not accept a certificate from a school that is not. If you are thinking of taking the online option for your traffic school requirement, these guys have jumped through all the hoops required to make your judge happy.