List of Online Traffic Schools Approved by the FLHSMV

Whatever your reason for taking a FLHSMV approved traffic school course, your goal is probably to get it done quickly and conveniently. Classroom courses can be great, but finding one near you with a class time that fits your schedule can be a time consuming and frustrating process. That’s why more and more Florida drivers are opting for the freedom and flexibility of completing traffic school online.

This list represents some of Florida’s most respected and established traffic school providers, all approved by the Florida Department of Highway Safety and Motor Vehicles. We’ve done the Googling so you can get to the traffic schooling. Just like mom always said when she sent you to clean your room, “Youll never get finished if you don’t get started.”

Website Name Phone
★★★★★ Florida BDI – 713-488-4035
★★★★★ Aceable Driving 855-982-9444
★★★★★ I Drive Safely 800-723-1955
★★★★★ Traffic School 101 800-373-7313
★★★★★ Traffic School By The Improv Comedy Club 800-660-8908
★★★★ Best Price Traffic School 888-810-0119
★★★★ Traffic School Online 800-800-3579
★★★★ Driver Training Associates, Inc 800-222-9199
★★★★ National Traffic Safety Institute 888-497-4499
★★★★ Florida Educational Driving School 954-592-6818
★★★★ Safe2Drive 800-763-1297
★★★★ National Safety Council 800-237-0676
★★★★ Too Cool Traffic School (Hillsborough County Only) 813-602-1555
★★★★ Lowest Price Traffic School 800-729-1495
★★★★ Highway Traffic School 442-500-8445
★★★★ USA Training Company Inc. 866-531-9055
★★★★ American Safety Council 800-732-4135
★★★★ Florida Safety Council 800-372-3335
★★★★ Florida Fun Traffic School 866-455-8054
★★★★ Wise Traffic School 877-885-8843
★★★★ Funny In Florida 800-998-8533
★★★★ DriveSafe Inc. 866-544-2732
★★★★ Gold Traffic School (Miami-Dade County Only) 866-988-5251
★★★★ American Safety Institute, Inc. 800-800-7121
★★★★ Drive Safe Today 800-991-0310
★★★★ Comedy Driving Traffic School 866-357-2020